28th November 2009 Show Competition

These exhibits were judged first in their class

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Class 1 Hand carving in the round - Don Cheesman


Class 2 Painted carvings - John Freake



Class 3 True relief or Pierced Carving (Les Simmonds Cup)- Wendy Quantrill



Class 5 Abstract Carving - Wendy Quantrill



Class 6 Woodturning  without support of a Tailstock Centre - Allan Fielding



Class 9 Walking Sticks - Ray Osgood



Class 10 Clocks and Barometers - Paul Reader



Class 12 Pyrography (Greta Chatterley Trophy)  - Pauline Turner



Class 13 Miniatures - Bob Jubb



Class 14 Miscellaneous (Tudor Rose Trophy) - Christine Musgrove



Class 15 Love Spoons - Christine Musgrove



Class 16 Novice Class - Woodcarving (George Swaysland Cup) - John Willis



Class 17 Novice Class - Woodturning (Denis Woor Trophy) - Jon Wallis