SWS Annual Show

Henfield 30th November 2013

Competition Awards and images




Class & Description               Exhibit                                               Name                   Award


1. Hand carving in the round        a frog in wild olive                                   Bob Jubb                    3

                                                Supper in english oak, laburnum

and syringe                                           Tom Lednor                   2

                                                ahereford bull in oak                               Ray Osgood                   1


2  Painted carvings                          a moorhen in lime                                  Eric Johnson                 2

                                                a thrush in lime                                      Eric Johnson                   1

                                                Russian Santa in lime                           Paul Purdy                       3



3. True relief or                           a festoon of fruit and veg in lime               Bernie Harris                 1

pierced carving                           three trumpeter swans in lime                 Wendy Quantrill              2

                                                a peace dove in walnut                           Wendy Quantrill                3



4. Applied relief or                      a tudor rose in lime                                Paul Reader                    2

pierced carving                           a mythical sea creature in lime                Paul Reader                  1

                                                a gargoyle in katsura                              Katrina Reader                 3



5. Abstract                                The spirit of the raven in bog oak             Bob Jubb                       1

                                                                                                                        and BEST in show

                                                a frond in robinia                                    Wendy Quantrill                3

                                                oval curves in yew                                  Wendy Quantrill                2



6. Wood turning without                  a nine piece bowl in oak post                  Chris Grace                   2

support of a tailstock                        a sweet chestnut bowl                            Allan Fielding                 3

                                                closed form bowl in apple                        John Muddle                     1



12. Pyrography                          flowers and bows                                   Katrina Reader               3

                                                a bird of prey                                         Katrina Reader                 2

                                                a cottage                                               Katrina Reader                 1


13. Miniatures                            a walrus netsuke in tagua nut                  Doug Moyse                  2

                                                Mister Fox netsuke in boxwood               Bob Jubb                         3

                                                a startled arctic hare in holly                   Wendy Quantrill               1


14, Miscellaneous                      simple harmonic motion in beech

and mahogany                                       Doug Moyse                  1

                                                a threaded lid pointed box

in holly and ebony                                  Gerry Jones                   3

                                                miniature carvings and bracelets              Chris Chandler                2


15. Annual competition              

      (something useful)                   a vase in yew                                         Allan Fielding                3

                                                a fly fishing rod in bamboo,

cork oak and zebra wood                        John Freake                  1

                                                Kebiki in beech                                      John Freake                     2


16. Novice class woodcarving      Brian the snail in lime                             Jean Grace                    1

                                                a mouse in lime                                     Katrina Reader                  3

                                                un-named in ash                                    Tony Collins                      2


18. Lovespoons                         

                                                a bride and groom in lacewood                Bernie Harris                  1

                                                two hearts and lovers knot in cherry         Bernie Harris                  2